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Cooking time 5 min

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Our process
The Pasta recipe is typical of the traditional egg pasta of Marche: flour and egg, without adding water. Making use of innovative technologies for drawing, the end result is a rough surfaced pasta, with high absorption capacity of the sauce and better able to withstand cooking than most egg pasta. The system we use is composed of two calibrating rollers created by hand with the technique of micro-slots of differing shapes. The slots on the rollers are randomly placed and have varying density; a feature that makes our pasta identical to those pulled by hand. This new method ensures uniformity of color and absence of streaks, in contrast to conventional systems, which tend to whiten the product and damage it irreparably. Our production process is innovative, allowing a drastic reduction of pressure, and is totally cold so as to preserve the quality of the protein. The elimination of mechanical stress also ensures the integrity of starch. Given the ability of the production process to preserve unaltered the structure of proteins and starches, the products obtained are of high quality and incomparable to others currently being produced by large traditional manufacturers.

The dough

The process of hydration, both during pre-kneading and in the kneading phase, allows the use of new parameters to incorporate the liquid molecules in the gluten proteins, giving rise to a new form of perfectly structured protein matrix; technically the best system for safeguarding the quality and needs of the raw materials.

Cold working
The various technologies integrated into our production are the only ones capable of ensuring a completely cold process.

Integrity of starches
The new rolling system ensures integrity of the starches, with total elimination of mechanical stress and traumatic kneading (the typical consequence of pressure generated by the traditional process of kneading and extrusion). This results in a drastic reduction of stickiness in the cooked product. .

Quality Notes
The single-step process, entirely conducted in a cold and constant temperature, prevents any loss of the sensory qualities of the dough due to the lack of deterioration of the proteins in the raw materials. The surface of the dough remains rough in a natural way, does not show loss of color and the elasticity of the dough is incomparable to that resulting from any known process.

Buon appetito!!!

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